“I’ve spent a lifetime pitching, and written a best-seller on the subject, so I’m confident I can help you make your pitch stronger. I will be alongside business guru Peter Nowlan, so you’ll get the benefit of his ideas as well as mine.”

Pitch Club

Make the Most of Tomorrow

As we move out of lockdown, we move into a new world – a world where big companies go bust, where famous brands disappear, where millions lose their jobs. But as one door closes, another door opens: it will also be a world of new ideas, new businesses, new types of work, new opportunities.

We will all be pitching to seize these opportunities, to win new jobs, to get funding for new projects, to carve a new future. Which is why how we pitch our ideas and how we pitch ourselves matters like never before.

What is Pitch Club?

Pitch Club is a series of programmes streamed on social media to help you learn how to pitch better. It’s run by Roger Mavity, the expert on pitching and author of the world best seller ‘Life’s a Pitch’, and Peter Nowlan, internationally recognised coach and communications guru. They will show you how you can make your pitch simpler, stronger, more successful.

You can take part in this: send in your pitch to us, and we’ll review it, discuss it with you, teach you how to make it the pitch that wins.

How it works

It’s very simple – send us a 50 word summary of your idea, with your email address and mobile number. We’ll review it, contact you, discuss it with you, and invite you on the programme. You can then take part in a live webinar, share your ideas with our experts, hear their views, and come away with a stronger pitch for your project.

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Summarise the idea of your project in 50 words or less (and less is better)