Life’s a Pitch

Life’s a Pitch

This is the ultimate how-to book – a mixture of mechanics and magic. Nothing like it has been written before. A mixture of mentoring, graphics, anthropology, market research and modern Machiavellianism, this book will train you to pitch for success. So whether at a sales conference in corporate conference room hell or over lunch at a glamourous restaurant, Life’s a Pitch tells you how to handle human transactions, and how to sell yourself and your brilliant ideas. A pitch is not a meeting, it’s a drama. A pitch is not about transferring information, it’s about transferring power. It is business, but it is also theatre. And the results of a successful pitch are – quite simply but rather persuasively – money and power.

Part inspirational manual for business, part guidebook to a successful and happy social life, Life’s a Pitch is written as the result of an accumulated half century of (mostly successful) pitching by the authors. Ground-breaking and genre-busting, it will transform the way you think about the art of persuasion for ever.

‘Life’s a Pitch’ has recently been re-launched to celebrate ten years of success across the globe. The new edition is extended to explore how Donald Trump, against all expectations, pitched his way to the top – and how David Cameron did the opposite.

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    This is a brilliant book. It’s so wittily instructive whether you’re in business or not. I would recommend the book to all young people starting out after university or college as well as anyone selling anything to anyone.

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    Aristotle and Shakespeare had a name for it – they called rhetoric the art of persuasion, and like Bayley and Mavity, knew that to persuade involved passion, emotion and getting your audience’s imagination fired up.’Life’s a Pitch’ is different from all those boring business How-To-Succeed books because it shows how every transaction in life involves the emotions, whether you’re pitching for a new client, asking for a mortgage, or negotiating a tricky sex life. The book’s design is a joy to behold, and the style sparkles with wit and passion, seducing the reader -perfect examples of the book’s subject – the power of persuasion.

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