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Too Much Prose, Not Enough Poetry

We live in a world where we are constantly seeking new creative ideas, but we don’t understand how to find them. Let’s expose some of the myths of creativity, and unveil some of the truths. Below you can access a recording of the talk in May 2019, for Thinking Digital:

Creativity Myths And Making Mischief – a podcast with The Creative Life Show

The Creative Life Show strives to help hundreds of professional creatives and creative leaders get their work known, sold and become successful. Below, you can find my conversation with Joanna Pieters, in which I am detailing creativity myths, talking about mischief making in the toilets, and taking no nonsense from clients.   Roger Mavity: creativity myths and […]

Creativity and collaboration – a podcast with The Extraordinary Business Book Club

If you ever wondered about my writing process, listen to the podcast below. The conversation explores the struggles of creativity and specifically of writing: the private struggle to articulate the idea, and the public struggle to broadcast it.

Lies, damned lies, and accountants

 When giant corporation Carillion went bust recently, 45,000 people lost their jobs. Think about it: 45,000 is the population of a decent sized town. While it’s desperately sad for the thousands who lost their jobs, you may still think that it’s not your affair. You’d be wrong. For a start, if you bank with Barclays […]

Less is more in 2018

When New Year comes round, we usually start thinking about what we’d like more of – more interesting stuff to do at work, more money, more luck in my love life, more holiday time…we all have dreams like this at the start of a year. Perversely, I’d like to dream about what I’d like to […]