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Peak Christmas

We have already reached Peak Beard. A recent large scale market research survey in Shoreditch and Peckham (actually me walking around a bit) showed that the percentage of hipsters with facial hair akin to a large Laburnum is not increasing, year on year. It may even be in slight decline. We are certainly at Peak […]

Time to take a deep breath…

It’s hard to see anything good about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but at least it’s taken Brexit off the front page for a few moments. We are all suffering Brexit saturation. But while the topic has become increasingly boring, it has also become increasingly worrying. Today’s news showed that the value of our financial services […]

To Globe or not to Globe, that is the question

Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play at The Globe? It’s an extraordinary experience. The original Globe, where Shakespeare’s work was first performed, was built in 1599. The new one was built, as a replica, in 1997. Four centuries later, it captures the design of the first Globe perfectly, so audiences can see a Shakespeare […]

Come back Uber, all is forgiven

We know that Uber pretends it’s not responsible for its drivers; and we know that doesn’t really seem honest or fair; and we suspect that Uber drivers don’t get as good a deal as they deserve. But we also know that we’ve got to get around London and sometimes public transport isn’t the answer – […]

The risks of rhetoric

Just after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the US, I saw a British TV programme in which Jacob Rees-Mogg and other luminaries were quizzed about their reaction to this startling event. The others were cautious, even critical, over the new man in the White House. Not our Jacob. It was, he explained, an […]