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Words without language

The way we speak has been hi-jacked by technology.  We talk in texts, we emote in emails.  Plans, arrangements, negotiations, debates which would have been transacted in speech – face to face, or maybe a phone call – are now transmitted electronically. This can be quick and efficient.  But anyone who’s used a microwave, drunk […]

Our next monarch, and a question of trust

Within a very few days Prince Charles will be celebrating his 65th birthday. He’ll be itching to start the job he was born to at about the age most of us are planning our retirement. But I wonder if Charles shouldn’t retire before he’s even begun? Here’s why. There’s an understanding between the British people […]

Life after death (maybe)

Great news! There is life after death, and I know that’s true because I heard it on the BBC:the ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4 to be precise. Unfortunately (you knew there’d be a catch) it’s not for everyone. In fact, it’s only for one of us. And the lucky person is the celebrated Belgian detective, […]

Spring is over

At the time of writing, the opposing factions in Syria are working hard to destroy each other, but the West has not yet joined in to speed up the process. Obama’s finger is twitching nervously close to the trigger, while Cameron’s interventionist hand has been stayed by an uncharacteristic outburst of wisdom from parliament. By […]

Abercrombie and Fitch, and the style crime

I heard on the radio today that a French watchdog group is protesting against fashion retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. Their crime? it’s alleged that Abercrombie have been hiring men of male-model handsomeness t0 hang out in their stores – presumably to add a bit of glamour. But these Adonis-like creatures are, so it is said, […]